Say Cheese

Yes, we willingly dressed like this.  It was the call of the cheese. A group from our Italian classes in Lucca had the chance to go north into the Garfagnana countryside, and one of our [...]

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Travel Dreams

For over 25 years I have been selling travel…. or to be more specific, selling dreams. For most people who travel for leisure, they are fulfilling some sort of dream. It could be for relaxation, cultural immersion, amusement, [...]

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Vespa Cool

Can’t stop laughing, can you?  We couldn’t either. My sister and I had decided to ride Vespas in the countryside outside Florence.  So we met up with the group, distinguishing ourselves by being at least [...]

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Love among the …. well, whatever, wherever While Europeans are often taken aback by Americans’ public display of sweats and beachwear as about-the-town clothes, we are shocked by their very public display of affection.  I [...]

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Orvieto is like your fun uncle who has a surprise adventure ready every time you show up. This time we stayed in a room overlooking the Duomo, and on awakening, we watched a couple old [...]

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It’s all in the name:  Capri “Oh, yes, we’re going to the island of Capri”:  One of the snootiest exit lines ever.   “And we’ll be wearing capri pants, which we love because it sounds like [...]

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